Porto by the Ocean City Exploration Game & Tour

From EUR €7.99
  • Duration: 22 Hours (approx.)
  • Product code: portoocean

Play this city game to discover Porto’s most wonderful oceanside walk while you solve challenges and discover new stories. You’ll learn about the city’s rich maritime history, all while enjoying its most breath-taking views. 

Are you ready to take an enchanting stroll through a lesser-known Porto?


  • From Medieval forts to floating bridges, discover Porto’s waterside architectural feats
  • Learn the stories of seafaring Portuguese writers and poets, Luís Vaz de Camões and Ferreira de Castro 
  • Explore the many monuments, old and new, lining Porto’s beautiful coast
  • Visit the famous Saint John’s stunning church and learn about the festival in his honour

Each clue will lead you from one place to another, giving you exact directions so you won't need a map, a GPS, or a guide. When you solve the clue and guess the answer, the secret story of that place is unlocked. 

The tour will take you from 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, but there’s no time limit so you can finish it at your own pace. 

After you buy the quest, an access code will be delivered to you by mail, which will be used in the downloadable app. You won't need a guide, just download the app, go to the starting point, and be ready to begin the adventure. To play as a large group, one person can purchase access for the entire group by selecting the number of people in the group, or each person can purchase their own ticket. All group members will receive access on their smartphones to play the city game. The person who makes the purchase will receive an email from the local partner with all the details. You can play as a group and solve the clues together as you walk or you can split into smaller groups/teams and compete against the other groups. Each person can also play on their own, separate from the group and meet the group at the end.